About us

Mission: The Mountaintop Coalition was founded in 2018. It is composed of students and scholars of the ancient Mediterranean world and its reception (broadly defined) with a shared interest in advancing the professional goals of Classicists who identify as members of ethnic groups traditionally underrepresented in the field. Such interests will include scholarly approaches to the study of race and ethnicity in antiquity, but the group’s activities will focus on practical issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in professional settings.

Membership: Anyone who might be considered a member of a racial or ethnic group traditionally underrepresented in the field of Classical Studies is welcome to join. The benefits of membership are primarily access to networking events and mentoring opportunities at the moment, although we aim to develop further programs in the future. To join the Coalition, click here and enter your email address.

Name: The Coalition's name is drawn from a well-known speech of Martin Luther King Jr., which includes numerous classical references as well as a positive vision of collaborative action.

Who we are: Mountaintop is run by a steering committee of 8 scholars , teachers, and students of Classics from around the United States in collaboration with its full membership. If you'd like to play an active role, please email us at mountaintopcoalition@gmail.com

Steering Committee (2021-2022)

Tara Wells

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Classics, Duke University

Sanjaya Thakur

Associate Professor and Chair of Classics, Colorado College


Victoria E. Pagán

Professor of Classics, University of Florida

Dominic M. Machado

Assistant Professor of Classics, College of the Holy Cross

Daniel W. Leon-Ruiz

Associate Professor of Classics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Young Kim

Associate Professor and Head of Classics and Mediterranean Studies, Associate Professor of History, University of Illinois at Chicago

Samuel Ortencio Flores

Assistant Professor of Classics, College of Charleston